Silks and linens of yesterday’s gowns

4 friends1 full tank of petrol3.5 hours234 kilometres53 songs2 rabbits2 possums3 wombats8 kangaroos15 near misses-1 cat $295.002 nights3 days1 mountain28 bands11 chairlift rides8 joints4 bottles of winetoo many G+Ts1 new nickname1 slightly embarrassing fan moment3 packets of Doritos2 excruciating games of Bingo99 really bad jokes1 game of Whot! – the bastard son of Uno6 Moroccan… Continue reading Silks and linens of yesterday’s gowns

In between ‘house’ and ‘home’

When I was a kid, in primary school and up until about mid-way through high school, it was a habit of ours to spend about a week of the Easter holidays at my maternal grandmother’s house. We’d pile into the troopie with Mum (Dad rarely came due to shift work in the fire brigade) and… Continue reading In between ‘house’ and ‘home’