What troubles me most is an attitude of mind that could come to prevail amongst white Australians: a feeling of irritation apparently based on a conviction that we are saddled with the responsibility for problems not really of our making, and by their nature probably insoluble. (W.E.H. Stanner, 1978) It?s the evening of Tuesday, February… Continue reading Inheritance

This little piggy

1. is not a photographer. steals from the world in abstract. breaks rules. drives faster than she should. wonders about noumena. 2. built herself out of cardboard and dye. sees sound, hears colour, finds pathways in air. talks about herself in third person. can give you an explanation for anything. is probably a narcissist. 3.… Continue reading This little piggy

The thing about The West Wing…

I’ve taken to getting up early and studying before midday. (‘Early’ being between 8am and 9:30am, and trust me, this is impressive.) I usually get an chapter or two of some convoluted postcolonial theory read, shoot off a couple of emails, find an article on the university databases and scribble a couple of paragraphs about… Continue reading The thing about The West Wing…


It’s 1:30am on a Saturday night and I am a) home – I know, right? – b) extraordinarily tired and c) unable to sleep. Last night’s chemically-enhanced six-and-a-half hour dance session to Limewax might have something to do with the first two, but sleep is something I rarely have a problem with. And I swear… Continue reading Sequelae