What troubles me most is an attitude of mind that could come to prevail amongst white Australians: a feeling of irritation apparently based on a conviction that we are saddled with the responsibility for problems not really of our making, and by their nature probably insoluble. (W.E.H. Stanner, 1978) It?s the evening of Tuesday, February… Continue reading Inheritance

Eat yourself

There?s a moment in the film Samson and Delilah where Delilah, destitute and desperate, attempts to sell a painting. She timidly proffers the canvas to people eating outside at a cafe in an Alice Springs mall. Some of them ignore her; others shake their heads dismissively and go back to their conversations. A couple of… Continue reading Eat yourself

Silks and linens of yesterday’s gowns

4 friends1 full tank of petrol3.5 hours234 kilometres53 songs2 rabbits2 possums3 wombats8 kangaroos15 near misses-1 cat $295.002 nights3 days1 mountain28 bands11 chairlift rides8 joints4 bottles of winetoo many G+Ts1 new nickname1 slightly embarrassing fan moment3 packets of Doritos2 excruciating games of Bingo99 really bad jokes1 game of Whot! – the bastard son of Uno6 Moroccan… Continue reading Silks and linens of yesterday’s gowns

This little piggy

1. is not a photographer. steals from the world in abstract. breaks rules. drives faster than she should. wonders about noumena. 2. built herself out of cardboard and dye. sees sound, hears colour, finds pathways in air. talks about herself in third person. can give you an explanation for anything. is probably a narcissist. 3.… Continue reading This little piggy