Rapture and the rupture

It?s 13 degrees outside, 4th of March. It?s late, a weeknight. I?m driving mostly empty roads alone. The car is filled with murmuring grey music and the traffic light pauses seem longer than usual. Night spills in the open windows?a cold wind on wet, sore lips. Someone is firetwirling in Royal Park. The sharp kerosene… Continue reading Rapture and the rupture

Strange birds

It was late afternoon. The houses, so sprawling and airy they could hardly be considered ?indoors?, spread in a lazy curve around the oval. Football posts peeling scabbed white paint stood in the bleached grass at either end. As I walked across the oval to the schoolhouse, the sun stretched long fingers across the floodplains… Continue reading Strange birds

This little piggy

1. is not a photographer. steals from the world in abstract. breaks rules. drives faster than she should. wonders about noumena. 2. built herself out of cardboard and dye. sees sound, hears colour, finds pathways in air. talks about herself in third person. can give you an explanation for anything. is probably a narcissist. 3.… Continue reading This little piggy


I like the sound of being alone. The buzz of the fridge. The hum of the central heating. The rain on the tin roof. My breathing. I like the way the space feels. The edges of my body tingle. The way I licked the honeypot tonight ? finishing one jar and starting another ? the… Continue reading 1:17