Eulogy for youth

It happened months ago and I had not heard?the funeral had been and gone?and I was struck by a terrifying kind of vertigo. I could have told you what an old backpacker-dorm acquaintance in England had for breakfast that morning but not that a person with whom I had shared uncountable drinks, smokes, cars, music, ideas, weekends, good times, had found life so unbearable that he struck it violently from himself.


The summer I finished my Honours degree, I worked five days a week and drank six. I remember very little of my day job from back then; in my memory I slept until midday and washed my hangovers off in the shower with the previous night?s conquest. I spent the afternoon jacking myself up on… Continue reading Heat


I?ve become seasonal. Season-affected. Unfolding in the sun, hanging heavy in the rain, a spark-of-sunshine smile cracked through blanket cloud. I watch the cars pause and the people chattering inside, fishbowl tongues flapping. White water, white water, white water. I sit at the back of the tram next to a man in a long coat.… Continue reading Pulse

An eddy and the undertow

I have perfected the art of the 24-hour lament. If you can call it a lament. An expulsion. Catharsis. A moment of reflection before the purge. I let you into my body momentarily, now I am pushing you out again. Before that: I found precisely eleven post-it notes in my copy of Virginia Woolf?s To… Continue reading An eddy and the undertow