A Study in the Art of Revolution II

When I was five, Dean B?? bullied me for my freckles. It?s my first memory of primary school. I was self-conscious about the way my skin looked for years afterwards. The comments didn?t stop as I got older, either. I remember being 13 and walking out of Middle Brighton train station in summer in a… Continue reading A Study in the Art of Revolution II

Just some rocks

A few months ago, I was hanging out at a pub in the High Country. I asked the publican?s wife (a good friend of my Dad?s) what she knew about the local Aboriginal people. ?Nah, no Aboriginal people up here,? she said. ?What do you mean?? I asked. ?Too cold for ?em up here. Read… Continue reading Just some rocks


What troubles me most is an attitude of mind that could come to prevail amongst white Australians: a feeling of irritation apparently based on a conviction that we are saddled with the responsibility for problems not really of our making, and by their nature probably insoluble. (W.E.H. Stanner, 1978) It?s the evening of Tuesday, February… Continue reading Inheritance

A Study in the Art of Revolution

1. ?It?s not about me.? On July 1 in South Australia, new laws come into force which will allow the attorney-general to declare any group of people a criminal gang and prohibit them from associating with each other. If they communicate more than six times within a year, they face 5 years imprisonment. I presented… Continue reading A Study in the Art of Revolution