For posterity’s sake

I struggled a lot this year. I worked really hard and have come so close ? if not crossed over ??to burnout on a number of occasions. I have been depressed and exhausted, anxious and upset more than is healthy, and it?s possible I have been this way for longer than I am comfortable acknowledging right now. But 2013 is a new year, and for the first time in a long time, it feels like a proper new start. So in the interests of saying goodbye to this year on a positive note, I made a list of ten things I achieved in 2012. Things I?m proud of; things that feel like steps forward.

  1. I finished and submitted my PhD thesis.
  2. I signed with a wonderful literary agent.
  3. I moved out of a sharehouse and into an apartment of my own.
  4. My PhD thesis passed with flying colours.
  5. I ran a half-marathon.
  6. I graduated as Dr Convery and left university behind ? after a full 9 years.
  7. I appeared on a Wheeler Centre panel.
  8. I helped organise a pro-choice feminist protest.
  9. I created a political group.*
  10. I started writing a new book.


*Could not have done either 8 or 9 if I hadn?t done them with my friend/colleague/fellow runner/reading group associate Jacinda Woodhead.