This little piggy


  • is not a photographer.
  • steals from the world in abstract.
  • breaks rules.
  • drives faster than she should.
  • wonders about noumena.


  • built herself out of cardboard and dye.
  • sees sound, hears colour, finds pathways in air.
  • talks about herself in third person.
  • can give you an explanation for anything.
  • is probably a narcissist.


  • should run more, sleep less.
  • should write more, talk less.
  • should read more, drink less.
  • feels better in the dark.


  • is buried in paper and sugar and cloth and ink.
  • wonders how she burnt her fingers.
  • is not going to tempt the wrath from high atop the thing. Not now, not here, not like this.

And I hate:

  • waiting.
  • nausea.
  • slowing down.

The duality of potency and act fall by the same stroke. The act is everything. Potential is not real, there is only manifestation.

?How complicated we make the world,? she thinks, with a sigh.

It?s time to write.